March 12, 2021

Land Use Bylaw Rewrite Survey 3: CLOSED

Looking for more information related to the Land Use Bylaw Rewrite? Visit our dedicated site here.

Yellowhead County is currently rewriting and modernizing its Land Use Bylaw (LUB). A LUB regulates how land can be used, what can be built, and where it can be built. Our LUB reflects input from residents and stakeholders and aims to balance landowners’ rights with the broader interests of the community.

Even if the LUB isn’t on your radar today, think about how an unusual land development on a neighbouring lot might affect your property and your family in the future. Don’t miss your chance to have your say!

To date, we have launched a steering committee to oversee the rewrite process and have facilitated two surveys and two focus groups to better understand our residents’ needs. To view the previous survey results report, click here.

After gathering your input, we’ve noted some important topics that need further clarification. A third survey was done to gather further input specific to these items.

Thank you for your participation. A draft rewrite will closely follow this latest questionnaire.