June 11, 2023

June 10, 2023 End-of-Day Update

June 10, 2023 at 9:30 p.m. Update

This is the last update for today. New updates will be posted tomorrow.

We want to remind everyone that they can also view the recorded online Facebook posts from today on the Town of Edson and Yellowhead County Facebook pages.

The Town of Edson and parts of Yellowhead County continue to be under an Evacuation Order.

The remainder of Yellowhead County remains on evacuation alert. Every resident should be ready to evacuate.

We know this is a difficult time for everyone, and we are doing all we can to keep your homes and our community safe. Thank you to our firefighters and crews who are on the ground, working tirelessly for all of us.

It’s important for everyone to recognize the severity of the current wildfire situation. At this time, there is no specific date for a possible re-entry, but it will likely be several more days.

This is just an estimate, based on current projections.

The next live Facebook update will be June 11 at 12:00 P.M. streamed on our Facebook

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can still view it on a web browser at www.facebook.com/yellowheadcounty

The Reception Centre for evacuees is the Expo Centre in Edmonton (7515 118 Ave NW, Edmonton). All residents are asked to phone 1-833-334-4630 to register, even if not going to the Expo Centre.

Overnight, firefighters will continue to monitor and action fires. Our amazing fire crews worked hard to keep the situation contained as much as possible. This includes structural protection to keep our homes and communities safe.



EWF031 was detected on May 4 and is located 20 km west of Lodgepole5 km northwest of Brazeau Dam and 5 km south of Edson. The fire is classified as out of control and is estimated to be 204,284 ha in size. Yesterday, the wildfire grew approximately 73,000 ha. 

There are 224 firefighters and support staff being shared between the Pembina Complex. There are 66 pieces of heavy equipment, and 24 helicopters assigned to the complex.


EWF035 was detected on May 5. The northern portion of the fire is located 2 km east of Shining Bank Lake, reaching north and east across Township Road 560 and as far south as approximately 2 km north of the Niton Junction railway.

This wildfire is classified as out of control and has been remapped by GIS at 19,672 ha. The wildfire is south of Township Road 570, has burnt down to the south and continues to a site two kilometers north of the railroad track in Niton Junction. The fire moved across the Range Road 123 and burnt up to the Lobstick River.

More detailed information on these fires and other fires including the Wildwood area fire (WCU001, WCU002) can be found on the Edson Area Update at https://srd.web.alberta.ca/edson-area-update/

Several highways in the region have been closed to ensure public safety. Visit 511.alberta.com for details.