March 29, 2023

Getting into Horticulture

Managing Pests & Problems in Horticulture Crops

Join the next webinar in the Getting into Horticulture series!

Managing Pests and Problems in Horticulture Crops

Date: Tuesday, April 25

Time: 6:45 p.m. to 9:15 p.m.

Location: online via Zoom

Register: Free registration online at or call Sharon Faye at 780-770-9271 for assistance

Take steps to diagnose common horticultural crop insects, diseases, and physiological problems, know where to find answers, and follow best practices.

Join Horticulturist Rob Spencer for an online session to learn about identifying signs and symptoms, diagnosing your crop problem, and best practices to stay ahead of potential problems.

Regardless of the way you manage your crop- the first key steps are to be aware of plant health and learn how to identify potential problems. This session will give you the tools to anticipate and identify common crop problems.

For growers starting a new venture in horticultural crops, existing market gardeners, and keen backyard gardeners, this talk will cover pests commonly seen in vegetable crops and strawberries. This talk will outline the importance of monitoring pests and plant problems, outline a range of management strategies, and provide a list of excellent resources for Alberta growers.

This sixth session in a series of extension events taking interested growers from planning through to production and marketing of commercial horticulture crops.

These sessions are hosted in partnership with the counties of Leduc, Barrhead, Lac Ste. Anne, Parkland, Sturgeon, Woodlands, Yellowhead, and Municipal District of Greenview.