July 7, 2023

Information for Flooding Issues Affecting Agricultural Fields and Crops

Looking for information and resources for Flooding Issues Affecting Agricultural Fields and Crops?

Residents can call the provincial number below with any questions regarding the reclamation of impacted lands from the floods. There are many variables to consider when regarding reclamation, including:

Is the soil believed to be contaminated or not; the process is very different for both.
The department can come out and do soil analysis and collect samples if needed to determine contamination.
How many inches of silt/sand have been deposited on the land?
4-6” can simply be disced back into the soil.
6” and more likely needs to be bladed in or blended in with a loader.
For significant erosion and “crater” effects. Potential options include:
Bringing in additional soil, dirt, etc. to build up to level.
Other option is no turn it into a natural valley through spray seeding for quick grass establishment or planning of oats/barley for quick ground cover.

Trevor Wallace, Nutrient Management Specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation.

Phone 780-980-7587. 

Additional information and resources will be continued to be shared as they become available.