November 20, 2020

Emotional Safe Spot: FCSS Offers First Step for Mental Health

Residents can now call on Yellowhead County staff to anonymously speak about mental health.

Yellowhead County’s Family and Community Support Services Department (FCSS) believes that everyone needs someone to talk to. When we are struggling socially and emotionally, life takes a toll. Knowing what to do next can be daunting.

Understanding the sort of support you may need can be a shortcut to finding wellness. Maybe you just need to hear yourself think or let someone know that you’re having a hard time. That’s why our FCSS department has undergone extensive mental health-related training to better serve our residents during these difficult times.

Call 780-325-3782 to speak to someone today.

The Emotional Safe Spot program is meant to provide a place for people in the community to share the mental health struggles they might be facing, in a confidential and safe space. We can also help you find the information that you need to improve or maintain your mental health. This service is not a formal or certified counseling or therapy service, but meant to be the “first step” in a person’s journey to better mental health.

If you feel the need to speak with someone other than a friend or family member, you can contact Yellowhead County FCSS staff at 780-325-3782 and ask to speak with someone about the Emotional Safe Spot Program.

Our office is located in Wildwood, but arrangements can also be made to meet in Edson or another site if necessary. We are here with a warm smile and a listening ear during these challenging times.