December 2, 2022

COUNCIL HIGHLIGHTS November 22, 2022

Public Hearing Bylaw 16.22 – A Public Hearing was held for Land Use Bylaw amendment 16.22 to facilitate a change for a proposed subdivision from Rural District (RD) to County Residential District (CRD). There were no submissions or presentations from the public during the public hearing. The bylaw amendment will be brought back to Council at an upcoming meeting.  

WCFA Grant Support – Council will send a Letter of Support to the West Central Forage Association (WCFA) in support for their application for the Alberta Environment and Park Rangeland Sustainability Grant. The grant would be used for WCFA’s Evaluation of Ecosystem Health of Grazed Rangelands in West-Central Alberta project.

Lease Agreement – Council approved a five-year lease to Eugene and Wanda Miluch for the purpose of crop production for the 38 acres (15.4 Ha) of land legally described as PT NW 20-54-14 W5M at a rate of $950 yearly.

Bylaw 17.22 Adopted – Bylaw 17.22 received the second and final reading that returns a property in Niton Junction to a district matching more closely to what it was prior to the adoption of Land Use Bylaw 09.21. The new bylaw changes the Urban Neighbourhood District zoning to Urban Neighbourhood District, Commercial District and Rural District. A Public Hearing was held on October 25, 2022.

Municipal Emergency Plan – The Yellowhead County Emergency Plan was adopted by Council. The Emergency Plan guides Yellowhead County’s response to any emergency and provides contingencies for a number of specific risk-related hazards for the agency.

OHV Bylaw Update – Council passed Bylaw 18.22 for the operation and use of Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs). The new bylaw will now allow regular use of OHVs within hamlets as a transportation option for travel in a safe and controlled manner within the hamlet. In the previous bylaw, OHVs could only go from a property in a hamlet directly to a trailhead or road leading out of the hamlet.

FCSS Board Member Appointment – Council appointed Lynette Nienaber to the Yellowhead County Family and Community Support Services (FCSS). This board provides advice to council and administration regarding the provision of preventive social services under the FCSS Act.