July 28, 2022

Council Highlights July 26, 2022

Strategic Plan – Council’s 2022-2025 Strategic Plan sets the direction for Council and administration goals and priorities for Yellowhead County and was approved April 26, 2022. Council revised and adopted the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan Performance Measures contained within the plan, which are used to measure performance and benchmarks set by the plan. Both the Strategic Plan and the updated Performance Measures can be found on the County website.

Agricultural Services Policies – Council approved updates on seven Agricultural Services policies. All were minor amendments and updates, with the exception of the Weed Control Policy. Part of the policy review process is to separate the Administrative procedures from Council-approved policies.

Landowner Request – Mr. Paul Trofimuk made a presentation to Council at their July 19 G&P meeting, requesting gravel and culverts on the undeveloped road allowance portion of RR 82 adjacent to his property. Upon further review and discussion, Council denied the request as it does not meet policy.

Transfer Station Access Cards – Council approved a draft policy for Transfer Station Access Cards which will be implemented in 2023. The new system is to ensure that only County residents are utilizing County transfer stations. This will help eliminate unlimited and unauthorized dumping from non-residents, thereby reducing costs and saving tax dollars. 

Rosevear Erosion Bank Remediation – The remediation work for the erosion on the Rosevear Bridge was awarded by Council to Kichton Contracting Ltd for $670,745.00. Kichton Contracting Ltd was the only submission for the publicly advertised tender for this project. Kichton have successfully completed similar projects and their tender submission met all project requirements.

STARS – In November 2021, STARS Air Ambulance presented to Council, and requested funding to support their operation. Council acknowledged the important work of the STARS organization and its value, and decided to forward a potential funding discussion to their 2023 Budget deliberations.

Corporate Credit Card – Mayor – Council approved Policy 1200.23 for a credit card for the Mayor to help eliminate out-of-pocket expenses and reimbursements for various County-related purchases. Reconciliation of expenses will be remitted monthly, alongside explanations for each charge, and will be available for public review under Mayor and Council expenditures on the county website.

Assessment Review Board (ARB) Bylaw – On June 28, 2022, Council approved membership in the Capital Region Assessment Services Commission (CRASC) inter-municipal group for ARB services from 2022-2024. To facilitate this change and adhere to legislative requirements, Council provided all three readings of Bylaw 15.22 to establish one or more ARBs and an ARB clerk.

The next scheduled regular Council meeting is August 23, 2022 at 9:30 AM.
The next scheduled Governance & Priorities meeting is August 16, 2022.