February 15, 2024

Council Highlights February 13, 2024

February 13, 2024
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Public Hearing of Bylaw 07.23 – A Public Hearing was held for proposed Bylaw no. 07.23 for the Land Use Bylaw amendment to redistrict a Portion of SE-26-53-16-W5M from RD (Rural District) to CRD (Country Residential District). The proposed bylaw will be brought to an upcoming Council meeting.
Council Strategic Priorities – Council will attend a Strategic Priorities Retreat to review and update the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan. The strategic plan focuses on corporate priorities for Council and the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO); and operational priorities for the CAO and staff.
Library Funding Request – Council did not approve an additional $378,000 as requested from the Edson & District Public Library for the Edson Library Facility Expansion and Renovations Project. Yellowhead Council previously committed funding in the amount of $538,000 based on the original project budget estimate presented to Council by the Library Board in September 2022.
Operations Technologist Position – Council approved the creation of the operations technologist position to develop in-house engineering expertise to manage, oversee, and deliver minor projects with a goal to reduce external engineering fees.
Assessment Services – Accurate Assessment Group Ltd. was awarded a five-year contract which includes assessments of Residential, Non-Residential, and Farmland and Industrial Property Assessment Services (IPAS).
Audit Planning Letter – Council confirmed receipt of the 2023 Audit Planning Letter and provided a response to Metrix Group LLP acknowledging awareness of a fraud issue affecting the County for the period ending December 31, 2023, advising the issue was quickly identified and adequately dealt with, limiting impact to the organization.
Policy 1200.23 Corporate Credit Card – Council for Yellowhead County received the 2023 annual update on Policy 1200.23 Corporate Credit Card – Mayor and usage for information purposes.
LGFF Capital Funding – The Change Summary Report for the Local Government Fiscal Framework (LGFF) Capital Program was accepted by Council for information purposes. The new LGFF Capital Program replaces the Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) Capital funding. In 2024, Yellowhead County has been allocated $3,847,026 in funding under this provincial program which is a 10.86% decrease from the 2023 amount.
Disaster Funding Update & Reserve Transfer – Council approved the transfer of funds from the tax stabilization reserve (up to $1,750,000) to cover the County’s estimated 10% share of all 2023 operating costs associated with the 2023 Spring Fires and Floods. The 2023 Spring Fires and Flood Financial Update report was received by Council for information purposes.