September 8, 2022

Chetamon Jasper Wildfire

Jasper Wildfire
September 19, 2022. 10:00 AM

No Further Updates will be posted here unless there are any significant changes to the situation. Please follow the links below for any further updates.

As a result of cooler temperatures, fire activity has slowed, allowing fire personnel to access new areas of the fire. The focus of operations remains to be to extinguish hot spots along the fire’s perimeter. This important work will help reduce the risk of any remaining fire burning underground and popping up again in the winter or spring.

As of Monday, Parks Canada has 93 firefighting personnel and five helicopters dedicated to the Chetamon wildfire. Additional crews will be brought in over the next few days to replace the crews that are departing.

The fire is being closely monitored, and there will be updates if there are significant changes in the wildfire activity.
For information related to Yellowhead County updates, please visit the Yellowhead County Facebook page.

AB Wildfire is also preparing an update that will be at most recent Park’s Canada update from today at 11:35 AM is at…/feu-alert-fire/feudeforet-wildfire

Jasper Wildfire YELLOWHEAD COUNTY NOTICE September 8, 2022. 4:00 PM
Parks Canada stated that its first priority is the safety of people, personnel and critical infrastructure in Jasper and their neighbours in Brule. The Chetamon wildfire is approximately 15 km from Brule and residents may see an increase in smoke activity in the area depending on wind conditions. There is no risk to any communities at this time.


Jasper Wildfire YELLOWHEAD COUNTY NOTICE UPDATESeptember 7, 2022 12:30 PM
Currently, there are no perceived risks to Yellowhead County residences or infrastructure, and the deployment of county fire fighting equipment is being done solely as a pre-emptive exercise. Yellowhead County continues to receive regular updates regarding the status of the Chetamon wildfire and plans by the county are made and adjusted based on those reports. Yellowhead County will inform residents if the situation changes and if there is a more immediate threat. In any emergency or potential disaster situation, Yellowhead County has a Municipal Emergency Plan in place that is used in conjunction with how the potential threat of a wildfire or other emergency unfolds. Any actions taken by Yellowhead County would be based on those guidelines. This wildfire is a reminder for everyone to have an emergency plan for themselves, including an evacuation plan and a shelter-in-place plan.


Jasper Wildfire YELLOWHEAD COUNTY NOTICE September 5, 2022. 1:30 PM
Due to the current wildfire in Jasper National Park, Yellowhead County is taking precautionary measures for some areas in the west part of the county. Residents will see an increase in activity from Yellowhead County Fire and Protective Services in and around county hamlets and subdivisions adjacent to Jasper National Park. There is no threat of the wildfire to the county or area residents at this time and the county will continue to monitor the situation for any changes in the fire and weather. Updates will be posted on Yellowhead County’s Facebook.