July 29, 2022

Baler Twine Recycling Program

Attention: Yellowhead County farmers! There are municipal collection sites for your used twine!

There are three steps to ensure your used twine can be accepted and recycled:

1 – Shake! Remove as much debris, snow, or ice as possible. Run the twine through a gloved hand to help remove debris.

2 – Bag! Place loose plastic twine in a collection bag and secure tightly closed with twine or a zip tie.

3 – Return! Bring full bags of twine to your local collection site – in Yellowhead County, bagged baler twine is accepted at the Peers, Wildwood, and Parkcourt transfer stations. You can pick up your free collection bags from the Wildwood Yellowhead County office.

Only clean, dry, separated and bagged twine, bale/silage wrap, greenhouse film, and mulch film will be accepted for recycling.

For more information, call Yellowhead County Agricultural Services at 780-325-3782. For more ways that ag waste recycling options are being expanded in Alberta, visit www.cleanfarms.ca.