Off-Highway Vehicle Bylaw

The Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Bylaw defines where OHV operators can and cannot use any type of off-highway vehicles within Yellowhead County, including municipal highways. Different rules will apply to provincial regulations such as provincial highways and specific Public Land Use Zone areas within Yellowhead County. Occasionally, temporary OHV bans may be put in place by the province and the county if fire risk hazards are high.

As of November 2022, changes to Yellowhead County’s Off-Highway Vehicle Bylaw have been approved by Yellowhead County Council.

Major changes include:

  • OHVs are no longer restricted on which highway routes are used within hamlets (for example: using the most direct route to a residence when either entering or exiting the hamlet)
  • Rules for OHV operation on municipal highways have been made clearer:
    • In hamlets, OHVs must be operated in the parking lane or far right-hand side of the roadway
    • Outside of a hamlet, OHVs may be operated on the right-hand side of the roadway or they may be used in the municipal highway ditch if:
      1. It is safe to do so
      2. The ditch isn’t in a condition where damage to the highway is likely to occur
      3. It isn’t prohibited by signage
      4. Operators travel single file and in the direction of travel required for that side of the highway
      5. The OHV is stopped before crossing intersecting roads, which includes driveways and approaches

Other rules remain the same as the previous bylaw. This includes:

  • Compliance with the Traffic Safety Act, its regulations, and other applicable provincial legislation
  • Use of OHVs in hamlets during the hours of 11 PM to 8 AM is prohibited
  • OHV speed limits remain 30 km/hour in a hamlet and 50 km/hour outside of a hamlet
  • OHV usage in parks, playgrounds, and schoolyards is prohibited
  • OHV users must operate in single file in the direction of travel required for all vehicle users

Note: Yellowhead County’s OHV Bylaw does not apply to provincial roadways and the OHV restrictions applicable to them. For more information regarding rules on provincial highways, contact Alberta Transportation at 310-0000.