Cemetery Bylaw 14.20

Family and other gravesite caretakers are requested to move all tributes and decorations prior to May 3, 2021.

In August of 2020, Yellowhead County Council approved Bylaw No. 14.20, which included changes to allow for easier maintenance in the cemetery. The new Bylaw clarifies Yellowhead County’s ability to manage and control various maintenance issues; seeking to mitigate them through the use of clear guidelines.

Yellowhead County will begin spring maintenance in preparation for summer mowing. They will need to remove any decorations that do not meet the new changes in Bylaw 14.20. Please click the link below to view the Bylaw and further details for allowable decorations and tributes and how they can be displayed to meet these new guidelines.

Changes in the new bylaw also include:

  • Restriction of grave covers in the cemetery and removal of any in disrepair;
  • Restriction of decorations in the cemetery to eliminate easily broken items (glass, china, earthen materials);
  • Restriction of decorations or designs not attached to the monument or headstone (i.e. those placed on the grass or grave after a five-day funeral period); and,
  • Limiting the maintenance done by Yellowhead County on plots when the owner cannot be located.

Cemetery Decorations
(Evansburg Only)

Cemetery Decorations
(Evansburg Only)