Winter To-Do List

Download/Print our Winter To-Do List HERE!!

Yellowhead County is a beautiful place to live and recreate year-round. With a number of facilities, amenities, and natural features, there are so many fun things for you and your family to try this winter. Challenge yourself to complete as many of these activities and visit as many places as you can!

  • Build a Snowman
  • Go Skating! (Outdoor rinks will be available in Wildwood, Niton, Peers, Marlboro, Brule, and Robb. Skating is also available at the Evansburg Arena.)
  • Try the Bear Lake Skating Loop
  • Go snowboarding or downhill skiing
  • Go Cross Country Skiing
  • Go Snowshoeing
  • Shovel Snow from a neighbour’s sidewalk
  • Go tobagganing
  • Go ice fishing
  • Go for a winter walk
  • Visit a County playground (Playgrounds are available in Evansburg, Wildwood, Niton, Peers, Marlboro, Brule, and Robb.)

Flooding of County Rinks
The County’s focus in December is to get the outdoor rinks in the Hamlets flooded and operating. The Bear Lake Loop is completed in January.
Flooding requires at least 2 weeks of consistent low temperatures and about a week of preparation and flooding per rink. Our volunteer base fluctuates year to year so our limited staff travel to each hamlet for rink start-up.
Keep an eye on Yellowhead County’s Parks and Recreation Facebook page for more information on when the rinks and loop will be available!