Yellowhead County Explores Next Steps of Tourism Corridor 

[Released on June 28, 2022]

Existing plans are being looked at for potential opportunities for growth in tourism and commercial recreation development located in the West Yellowhead Corridor.

Since 1996, Yellowhead County, with the Province of Alberta, has explored economic development within the West Yellowhead Corridor to identify commercial recreational and tourism areas.  

After extensive and targeted public consultations, the West Yellowhead Corridor Commercial Tourism and Recreation Memorandum of Understanding was developed, followed by the West Yellowhead Corridor Regional Integrated Decision in 2008. These plans aimed to identify areas that could provide for a range of commercial tourism development opportunities in the region. This process identified nine nodes as areas for potential commercial recreation and tourism growth and development.

To move forward with the development of one of the nodes along the corridor, Yellowhead County has hired a consultant company to facilitate and provide guidance to the County through the Provincial process. What is anticipated to occur over the next year is determining the most suitable location for a recreation and tourist node in the West Yellowhead Corridor; and move forward with steps toward potential development.

Pursuing such an economic development initiative in this corridor has many benefits for the County, such as diversification of the tax base, additional employment opportunities, and showcasing the beauty and splendour of the area.

As the process of establishing a new tourism and recreational development along the West Yellowhead Corridor gathers momentum, Yellowhead County will continue to issue press releases to update residents and the public. Yellowhead County Council looks forward to moving the process along and working with the Province to see the fruition of many years of planning efforts. For more information on the West Yellowhead Corridor vision for development, the full report can be accessed here: