Current County Coronavirus Status FAQs

Is the outdoor pool in Niton open?

Niton Green Grove Pool: CLOSED for 2020

Unfortunately, the Green Grove Outdoor Pool in Niton will not open for the 2020 summer season due to the coronavirus pandemic. Alberta Health (AHS) has not set an expected date that they will approve swimming pool operations and the window for approving the outdoor pool season is now closed. Due to the unforeseen closing of the Niton Pool, Yellowhead County’s 2020 operating budget reflects this with the removal of the pool funding for this year.

Are County campgrounds opening this year?

Yellowhead County Campgrounds will be open May 28, 2020.

For more details and information on camping visit our Yellowhead County Municipal campgrounds page.

These campgrounds include Bear Lake, Shiningbank Lake, Long Lake, Beta Lake, Jerry Vanderwell, and Nojack.
Our campsites will be open for LIMITED NON-CONTACT Service ONLY!
What is Limited Non-Contact Service? Limited non-contact service means:
– Campground outhouses are closed.
– Potable water sources are not available.
– Some service levels may be reduced.
– Some areas or campsites may not be accessible.
– Operators working on a non-contact basis.

Public Health Restrictions are in effect for all Yellowhead County day-use areas, campgrounds and outdoor amenities. Please go to for details.

Approved Camping Units:
-Self-contained RV’s, Trailers and Truck Campers with toilets only!
-Tent only camping is not permitted.
-Registered sites may not have additional visitors.

Are County parks, playgrounds, and recreation areas open?

Yellowhead County Parks/Playgrounds/Boat Launches/Pump-Tracks/Day-Use Areas: CAUTIONED & MONITORED

At this time playgrounds and day-use parks and othert outdoor recreation amenities operated by Yellowhead County have not been closed to the public.
This includes pump-tracks, boat launches and county bike parks.
Boat docks will be open for May 28, 2020!
We require that everyone practices safe social distancing and all provincial and federal health recommendations and rules.
If users aren’t following AHS rules, these municipal sites will need to be CLOSED to the public.

What is the deadline to pay my Yellowhead County Municipal Taxes & Utility Payments?

The tax payment deadline for Yellowhead County municipal taxes has been moved to October 15, 2020, for this year.
Utility payments can also be deferred and outstanding penalties will not be incurred by residents at this time. This is a temporary measure – please contact Yellowhead County for more details.

Are County offices and facilities closed?

Physical access to Yellowhead County offices and other facilities are closed to the public at this time. County staff are still working in the offices and can assist residents through email, phone or other methods.

Can I still make a payment to Yellowhead County?

Yes, we have several options for making a payment to Yellowhead County. Payments can be made through internet banking, courier or mail, Edson dropbox, telephone banking, bank or credit union, and other options.
You can find more details at

Are Council Meetings being broadcast?

In order to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, we have restricted Council Meetings to Council and administrative staff only. Council meetings are available to view live with the Zoom app. More information can be found at\join All Public Hearings have been cancelled or postponed.

Can I drop-off dump garbage and recycling at Yellowhead County Transfer Stations?

At this time, transfer stations are open to county residents and are being manned by the operators. This may change due to fire bans or other factors. Please contact us to find out the latest status.

What Infrastructure Services are still offered?

All essential services, such as most water and wastewater services, are still operating. Regular road maintenance, as well as Dust Control for county roads, is being done.

Are Ag Services continuing this summer?

Although Weed Inspectors and other Yellowhead County Agricultural Service staff have been reduced, agricultural services will continue to operate and do weed inspections and other standard ag-related operations this summer.

Are Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) still active?

Most of the regular programs offered by Yellowhead County FCSS, such as summer day camps, workshops, and day trips, are not scheduled to happen. Yellowhead County FCSS will still provide important community and social services to our residents. Please call the Wildwood Office at 1-800-814-3935 or visit the Yellowhead County FCSS Facebook page for more details.