Historic Buildings & Sites

Seven community forums were held to gather information from area residents to create the Heritage Survey. They received valuable information and contact names of residents from which to gather historical content.

In total, approximately 325 sites were surveyed. A Places of Interest List (POlL) of 125 sites was created. A POIL is a comprehensive list created through community feedback and research of the most significant heritage resources in a community.

The POIL range from remnants of old structures to fully functioning, and currently utilized, buildings that are still used as places of business, industry or places of residence. All buildings on the list are 1960 and older. This is an evolving document; it is not ‘final’ as there will be additions, changes, and corrections ongoing as more research is completed.After the POIL was created, the process moved to complete a Heritage Inventory. A heritage inventory uses the POIL to create a more comprehensive record of resources that meet provincial guidelines for historical significance and retain the physical features necessary to convey that significance. These resources that maintain sufficient integrity would then be eligible for designation as Municipal Historic Resources and be listed on the Municipal Register of Historic Places. Using the current POIL, 67 properties were evaluated, and from that number, 52 properties were moved to the Yellowhead County Heritage Inventory.