May 8, 2023

Welcome back!

The evacuation order for the Town of Edson and some areas of Yellowhead County, from Marlboro to the Chip Lake area, has officially been lifted. We have confirmed that Highway 16 between Jasper and Highway 751 (MacKay) is open, as well as Highway 32 from Whitecourt to Highway 16. There may be reduced visibility.

A few things of note as you return. Most importantly, drive safe and take your time getting back. Stagger your re-entry if possible.

Please note that there will be no emergency physician services at the Edson Hospital until the ER can be opened and the Emergency Department staffed, which could be later in the day. Please continue to call 9-1-1 for emergencies. EMS/ambulance is available, as well as our Medical First Responders/Fire services.

If you are not able to return home due to the evacuation order still in place in some areas of Yellowhead County you can stay at your current location, make other arrangements, or if you have nowhere to go, you can check-in at the Edson Reception Centre at the Edson and District Leisure Centre (1021 – 49 Street) to discuss accommodations.

Bussing will be available from the reception centres, taking people back to Edson. Transportation from the drop off points will also be provided.

Jasper Bus – Assemble at the Jasper Activity Centre at 11:00 a.m., departing at 12:00 p.m.

Hinton Bus – Assemble at Hinton Recreation Centre at 10:00 a.m., departing at 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Both Town and County residents should check utilities on arrival to ensure everything is operational. If you have utility concerns, please contact your service provider as soon as possible.

Services such as grocery services, pharmacies, and gas stations should re-open as soon as possible, but residents need to be prepared for a reduction in service until staff are in place.

Fire bans remain in place and the Town of Edson is still under a water ban.

The ECC number is 1-833-334-4630 for any wildfire/re-entry related questions.


Emergency Alert Update

This is an Alberta Emergency Alert UPDATE. Yellowhead County and the Town of Edson have issued an Evacuation Order UPDATE for the Town of Edson and central and eastern parts of Yellowhead County.


Some areas of Yellowhead County and Town of Edson have had the evacuation order lifted. Some areas still remain under evacuation order. Wildfires remain in areas.


Info on municipal Facebook pages and websites for map and updates or scan the attached QR code. URL to the map is: click the blue “view” button. Call 1-833-334-4630 for assistance or more information. Check for highway closures.

Area Description

Areas still under evacuation order are east of Range Road 110 (north of Chip Lake) and east of Range Road 101 (south of Chip Lake) and south of Township Road 560 in Yellowhead County.