September 26, 2022

Vendor 101 Training

Attention: New or Existing Farmers’ Market Vendors and/or Market Managers

The Alberta Farmers’ Market Association together with Yellowhead County is proud to present:

Vendor 101: a workshop for new and existing vendors and market managers in Alberta approved farmers’ markets

Farmers’ markets are big business in Alberta with over $900 million in annual sales. Entering this market channel with the right skills can shorten your learning curve and enhance your success. If you are a new vendor, want to refresh your knowledge or manage a farmers’ market and want to learn skills that you can share with your vendors, this session is for you! Come to learn, share, and meet others in the industry.

Date: Saturday, October 22, 2022
Time: 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
Location: Peers Multiplex (5114 51 St., Peers, AB)

Cost: Members: $40, Non-members: $60
*includes coffee, snacks and lunch


Content for the Day:

  • Setting the Stage: Hear about the latest trends and the opportunity for selling at a farmers’ market. Understand the benefits and the challenges of selling into this market channel and tips for choosing a market.
  • Regulations – The Basics: Understand the regulations that apply to your business and why they matter.
  • Costs to Consider: Discover the different costs you need to consider when thinking about becoming a farmers’ market vendor.
  • Application, Tent & Vehicle Advice: Hear about some dos and don’ts when applying for a market, tips for setting up your tent safely and how to efficiently pack your vehicle before and after the market.
  • Display Tips: Learn about the importance of a good display and some tips.

For more information please contact Christie Fleck with the Alberta Farmers’ Market Association at 780-265-2362 or