May 23, 2023



Shiningbank area residents will be able to return home at 4:00 p.m. today (May 23, 2023).

Residents west of the McLeod River will no longer be in an evacuation zone or under any alert. Residents east of the McLeod River will still be under a 30-minute evacuation alert in case conditions change.

*An Alberta Emergency Alert will also be sent out later today to indicate the changes in the alert zone.*

These areas will allow LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY due to the active wildfire and the hazards that currently exist in the area, such as dangerous trees, potentially downed power poles, and ash pits that could be several feet deep. We ask all locals within the area to take extreme care when out and about, and please stay out of the burn areas.

A reminder that wildfires are still active in the area, although the risk has been reduced thanks to firefighting efforts and the shift in weather. Please stay prepared for potential changes in the situation.

Residents should check utilities on arrival to ensure everything is operational. If you have utility concerns, please contact your servic­­e provider as soon as possible.

Emergency crews will still be working in the area. Please give them space and allow them to operate. Fire bans and OHV Bans are still in place across the County and the Edson Forest Area.

For more re-entry tips and information, please check out the re-entry package here. The package includes safety information, insurance information, and a list of contact numbers for utility services.

Please call the Emergency Coordination Centre at 1-833-334-4630 for any questions about the evacuation and re-entry.

For information on the provincial funding for evacuees, call 310-4455 or go to