March 24, 2023

No Till Gardening Workshop

Join Yellowhead County Agricultural Services and Master Gardener Kim Ross for a two-hour in person class on No Till Gardening. The course will be held at the Wildwood Community Hall on Saturday April 29th from 10:00am-12:00pm.

No till gardening is the opposite of traditional gardening. In traditional gardening, the soil is tilled regularly through the growing season. The rows in the garden change from year to year and bare soil is exposed to wind and rain.

In no till gardening, we change the way we garden to work with the garden’s natural ecosystem to prevent certain challenges from happening like soil loss, water loss, and the need for weeding. We do this by utilizing the same rows from year to year, we stop tilling the soil and then cover the entire garden in mulch.

If you love to garden but hate weeding and watering switching to no till might be right for you!  Kim will share how she made the switch and the differences she has found in just two years of no till gardening. Since embracing the no till method taught by the University of Saskatchewan gardening team she has enjoyed higher yields with fewer plants, significantly less weeds and reduced watering on her 26,000 sq ft garden.

The cost to join this workshop is $10.00 and snacks and refreshments are included.

The registration deadline for this event is April 21st 2023. Register by calling Yellowhead County’s Wildwood office at 1-800-814-3935