May 25, 2023

May 25, 2023 Update

The final remaining Evacuation Alert has been lifted in Yellowhead County.

Shiningbank area residents were able to return home at 4:00 p.m. May 23, 2023 and at 10 AM on May 25, all evacuation alerts in Yellowhead County have been lifted.

We ask all locals within the area to take extreme care when out and about, and please stay out of the burnt areas.

Note: it is normal to see flare ups within a wildfire area, as unburnt vegetation catches fire. Wildfire crews are monitoring hotspots. 

If you see smoke or flame outside of an active fire area, report it to 310-FIRE.  If you or your property is in immediate danger, call 911.

Continue following Yellowhead County, Alberta Wildfire, and local media for updates. 

At this time there is still a Fire Ban in Yellowhead County. For current fire bans and OHV bans, visit

Wildfire conditions have improved, and fire containment is continuing daily. High humidity and cooler temperatures helped to continue to reduce fire activity in our region, however many areas in Yellowhead County are still active fire areas and firefighting crews are continuing to work in the area. Rapid attack crews will continue to respond to any new developments or flare-ups.

 If you see aircraft in the area, move away from the area to allow them space to work. Give firefighters room and the time they need to complete their tasks.

We urge residents and members of the public to use extra caution near burnt areas. There are many hazards that may not be visible, like deep burning ash pits and falling trees. Burnt trees and powerlines could fall on the road and block your vehicle. Do not approach powerlines as they could be energized.


Structural protection sprinkler and gear will be removed from some areas in Yellowhead County over the next week. If the structural protection equipment is removed from your home, that means structural protection crews are confident that your home is no longer under immediate threat. This will only be done in areas where crews are confident that it is safe to remove.

 Thank you for your understanding.


Wildfire Information from Alberta Wildfire:

For specific wildfire information on each of these fires, visit

Fire Southeast of Edson in Yellowhead County (EWF031):
119,806 ha in size

Fire from Parkland County into Wildwood Area (WCU001):
7,281 ha in size

Fire North of Wildwood (WCU002):
2,400 ha in size

Shiningbank Fire (EWF-035):
20,996 ha in size


Our Emergency Call Centre will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Friday, May 26. Call 1-833-334-4630 with any evacuation-related questions.

Information on the provincial funding for evacuees who have been away from their home for more than 7 days (total) can be found at If you’re having trouble applying online, call 310-4455.


View our daily live-streamed update at

View our post on protecting your health when it comes to smoke and air quality here: Call 8-1-1 for information specific to your health.

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Photo from Alberta Wildfire:  These green needled pine trees look healthy from a distance but the roots could be burnt away and the tree could fall at anytime (EWF035 May 24, 2023).

Photo from Yellowhead County:  Firefighters from areas across Alberta who have been working around the clock take a dinner break between shifts. Yellowhead County thanks all the firefighters and other emergency teams that have helped support our community for the past 27 days. (May 25, 2023).