August 7, 2020

County Pride Garden Contest 2020 Winners

County Pride Garden Contest Goes Online for 2020

Mini bridge and water feature at the Bennett property.

The 2020 Yellowhead County Pride Contest winners, chosen by the online voting:
1.Bennett Property – John and Sonny
2.Marquis Property – Fred and Deb
3.Staal Property – Darrin and Lynne

Congratulation to our winners and thank-you to everyone who submitted photos of their beautiful gardens and yards!

Garden and ornamental feature at the Marquis property.

This year’s County Garden Pride Contents went online for both entry submissions and voting. There were a total of 17 entries from all areas of Yellowhead County and nearly 300 individual votes total and the submissions ranged from the rustic to the refined.

Visit our Facebook page @yellowheadcounty to see individual short videos to get a first-hand look at the winner’s properties and gardens.

Tiered garden and water feature at the Staal property.