June 25, 2021

County Kids Awesome Adventure Camp for Summer 2021

Yellowhead County summer camps are designed to keep children active and engaged throughout the summer. Each week features hands-on activities, leadership opportunities, a chance to socialize with peers and learn new skills!

Please note: in response to the covid-19 pandemic, our summer program has been modified to align with guidelines put in place by the Government of Alberta.

Peers Multiplex 10:00-2:00  
Entwistle Community Recreation Centre 10:00-2:00  
July 19-22 ANCIENT ADVENTURE Wildwood Recreation Complex 10:00-2:00 SURVIVE THE ISLAND Marlboro Community Hall 10:00-2:00
July 23rd DIVERSE DINOSAUR’S DAY CAMP Peers Multiplex 10:00-2:00
Robb Multiplex 10:00-2:00
Evansburg Arena 10:00-2:00
August 3-5 (Monday is holiday) ANCIENT ADVENTURE
Entwistle Community Recreation Centre 10:00-2:00
Peers Multiplex 10:00-2:00
Marlboro Community Hall 10:00-2:00
SURVIVE THE ISLAND Wildwood Recreation Complex 10:00-2:00
August 13 DIVERSE DINOSAUR’S DAY CAMP Evansburg Arena 10:00-2:00
August 16-19 ANCIENT ADVENTURE Evansburg Arena 10:00-2:00 SURVIVE THE ISLAND Robb Multiplex 10:00-2:00

*Note: The use of community halls will be dependent on the easing of restrictions. In the event this does not happen, camps will take place outdoors*

Theme: Ancient Adventure Camp.

Why was the archeologist sad? Because his career was in ruins! Are you looking for a cure to your wanderlust? If so, join us at Ancient Adventure Camp where we will travel into the past and discover many different societies! Come get your time-travelling passport and take this epic journey with us! You will experience many new cultures, meet new people and hopefully have many awesome tales to tell your friends and about the days of yore.

Theme: Survive the Island Adventure Camp

Aloha! Ever wonder if you have what it takes to survive on a deserted island? Put your knowledge to the test at our Survive the Island Adventure Camp. Get to know fellow islander’s as you map the lay of the land. Let your desire for beaches and ocean waves come alive as you collect resources, participate in challenges, play games, and use your primal senses. We can’t wait to celebrate your victory with our tropical festivities.

Theme: Diverse Dinosaur’s Day Camp

This camp is geared towards children with diverse developmental abilities to ensure all children have the best summer. Our goal is to create an environment that is welcoming, supportive and allows children to participate in activities in their own way.

If your child has extra support in place at school, we invite you to sign up for this camp.

This camp will run in a small group setting.

Stomp, stomp, what do I hear? The dinosaurs have reappeared. Your Jurassic journey has just begun! Come on, get ready, and let’s have a colossal amount of fun. This camp is made just for you, whatever your needs you can participate too. Meet other diverse dino’s, dig for fossils, and search for a close encounter with a prehistoric giant! Diverse Dinosaur’s Day Camp is designed to meet the special needs of children and youth within our communities.

List of things to bring:                                                              

□ Indoor and outdoor shoes                                                    

□ Lunch and snack (no nuts)                                                    

□ water bottle                                                                            

□ sunscreen    

□ hat                                                                                                                                                               

□ bug spray                                                                      

 □ Extra change of clothes                                                         

□ positive attitude

Response to COVID-19 may include:

□ Reduced capacity (TBD)

□ increased sanitization processes

□ individual program supply containers

□ face masks will be available

□ Daily health checks at drop-off

□ Temperature will be taken daily

□ Staff, parents and children must not attend if showing symptoms of COVD-19

All camps are for children 7-11

Registration costs are $5/day

To register please call the Wildwood County Office at 780-325-3782 or 1-800-814-3935

Registration opens on June 28, 2021

Limited capacity – Register Early!