July 16, 2021

County Garden Pride Voting

18th Annual County Pride Contest & Tour– Virtual Photo Edition!

The annual County Pride contest is on! The public can vote on which yard is their favourite. First, second, and third place prizes will be given out for the yards with the most votes. a fourth winner will be chosen by Ag Services staff as an honourable mention. At the end of the contest, a collage/video will be made to give you a virtual tour of the beautiful properties in Yellowhead County and highlight our winners.

Contest announcements and deadlines will be communicated through our Yellowhead County Facebook page. Make sure you are following the County Facebook page so you don’t miss out on any contest details! Once the submission deadline has passed a link will be posted where you can go to view all of the contestant’s photos and vote on your favourites.

Go to bit.ly/YCgardenPrideVote2021 to vote!

Garden 1 – (Beck)

Garden 2 – (Martin)

Garden 3 – (Paul)

Garden 4 – (Rowley)

Garden 5 – (Sunshine Place Lodge)

Garden 6 – (Sharra)

Garden 7 – (Van Koughnett)

Garden 8 – (Siwak)

Garden 9 – (Radcliffe)

Go to bit.ly/YCgardenPrideVote2021 to vote!