May 12, 2020

Council Highlights for May 12, 2020

Telecommunications Towers – Council refused to support an application for a proposed Telus telecommunications tower near Edson. Yellowhead County and CRTC policies require that service providers must collocate on pre-existing towers if there are already towers in the area. These policies help reduce the proliferation of towers in a region. Telus has stated that they are not interested in locating their services on the pre-existing tower.

Road Access for Private Residence – Council will not pursue further actions to help resolve a
property access issue for a county landowner who does not have legal access to his property. The only road to the property owner’s home crosses an adjacent privately-owned industrial property.
The neighbouring business stated they will continue to allow road access across their property, but
will not grant ownership of the road right-of-way to the county or provide an easement to the
residential property owner to guarantee long-term access.

Recycling Society Agreement – Council approved entering into a recycling agreement with the
Edson and District Recycling Society (EDRS) and the Town of Edson. The three-partner agreement will provide recycling services to Yellowhead County through the newly independent EDRS. The estimated cost for the county’s share of this agreement for 2020 is $210,000.

Obed Access Road – The construction of 2 km of paved road from Highway 16 to the east of
Obed, and the removal of a CN overpass and other work was awarded to Carmacks Enterprises Ltd.
in the amount of $3,912,780.00. Any additional money, if required, will come from the
Transportation Reserve.

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