April 16, 2020

Council Highlights April 14, 2020

2020 Budget & Tax Rate – Council passed the final 2020 budget and approved a 5% reduction in the municipal mill rate. The $166.7 million budget includes the county’s operating and capital costs; the seniors and school requisitions; contributions to local governments; and contributions to reserves. Funding will be drawn from reserves to contribute to new and continuing projects.

Repeal of Well Drilling Tax – Council repealed Yellowhead County’s Well Drilling Tax Bylaw. All billing from Jan 1, 2020, to this date will remain in effect. The calculation for the tax is based on the depth of wells drilled and the calculation is received from the province. The purpose of the tax was to allow municipalities to recover costs for wear and tear on County infrastructure. The removal of the county’s well drilling tax is meant to encourage the continuation and new drilling in Yellowhead County.

MD Greenview Intermunicipal Agreement – The Municipal Government Act requires municipalities that have a common boundary to create an Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Agreement (ICF). Council passed three readings of the MD of Greenview agreement.

County Donates Land to Evergreens – Council voted to subdivide and donate a portion of a County-owned property to the Evergreens Foundation for a proposed seniors lodge in Wildwood. The value of the land is estimated at approximately $45,000.

Recycling Partnership with EDRS – Yellowhead County will enter into a 3-year agreement with District Recycling Society for contracted services for recycling services in hamlets and other locations in Yellowhead County. The county will assume 35% of the cost at $2100,000 and the town covering the remaining 65% of the $600,000 annual operating costs of EDRS.

All Saint Church Historical Intent – Council approved administration to proceed with Notice of Intention to designate on the All Saints Anglican Church near Hattonford. This will allow Council to pass a bylaw declaring the church as a Municipal Historic Resource.

Summer Gravel Program Contract – Council approved the tender of $1,065,683.41 from Jones Trucking and Backhoe Services Ltd. for the hauling and placing of gravel for the 2020 Summer Gravel Program.

Culvert Replacement Contract – The contract for a culvert replacement and other work for Bridge File 71221 was awarded to Barsi Enterprises Ltd. in the amount of $643,400.00.

Communications Towers Contracts – The contract for the communications towers for Aspen Heights and Brule has been awarded to True North Towers in the amount of $569,003.00. The communications towers will allow for better communication options for emergency response, local industry, and residential use. The final amount is under budget and future maintenance will be done by internal staff.

9-1-1 Dispatch Upgrade – The contract for the YRECC’s PSAP NG-911 upgrade was awarded to Rock/Nova/Tridon Communications for $618,410.55. This upgrade is part of the CRTC’s PSAP NG-911 upgrade requirements for 9-1-1 Dispatch Centres. The Yellowhead Regional Emergency Communications Centre (YRECC) is under the management of Yellowhead County in partnership with Edson and Hinton. All partners will contribute to these federally mandated upgrade costs.

Radio Communications Upgrades – A radio communications system upgrade for $505,086.00 awarded by Council to Rock/Solacom/Nova Communications. The cloud-based upgrades will ensure the system is up to date and will reduce potential disruptions caused by device failure.

PLEASE NOTE: The April 21, 2020 Governance and Priorities Council Meeting has been cancelled. The next scheduled regular Council meeting is April 28, 2020 at 9:30 AM.