July 11, 2022

19th Annual County Pride Contest!


19th Annual County Pride Contest & Tour– Virtual Photo Edition!

The annual County Pride contest is still a go this year with a few changes! With the effects of Covid-19 still being felt we thought the best way to host the contest and tour this year would be to do so virtually. So get out your camera and get snapping pictures of your beautiful yards! The public will get a chance to vote on which yard is their favourite in order to determine the winners. First, second, and third place prizes will be given out for the yards with the most votes. A fourth winner will be chosen by Ag Services staff as an honourable mention. At the end of the contest a collage/video will be made to give you a virtual tour of the beautiful properties in Yellowhead County and highlight our winners.

Contest announcements and deadlines will be communicated through our Yellowhead County Facebook page. Make sure you are following the County Facebook page so you don’t miss out on any contest details! Once the submission deadline has passed a link will be posted where you can go to view all of the contestant’s photos and vote on your favourites.


Submissions: July 12 – July 24

Voting: July 25th – August 5

Winner Announcement: August 8


                        1st – $100 gift card to your favourite local green house

                        2nd – $75 gift card to your favourite local green house

                        3rd – $50 gift card to your favourite local green house

How to Submit:

Please submit your photos electronically by email to communications@yhcounty.ca – a maximum of 4 photos can be submitted.  In your email you must include your full name, phone number, and the legal land description or physical address of the property you are submitting photos for. Please note that your address, phone number, or name will not be posted online with your photos in order to protect your privacy, this information will only be used by County staff to verify that you are a County resident. We also ask that you please include a couple of sentences to tell us about why you’re proud of your yard, or what you love about gardening or living in Yellowhead County. If you need assistance emailing photos or do not have access to the internet or email please call 1-800-814-3935 and we will assist you.

When choosing your 4 photos to submit make sure they are ones that will give voters an overview of your entire yard and focus on the parts you are most proud of which could be things like flower beds, water features, vegetable gardens, greenhouses, landscaping etc. However please be mindful of what you do not want displayed in the photos. These photos will be publicized on multiple online platforms. Think of excluding things like young children, vehicles license plates, and valuables on the property such as quads and boats.

The deadline to have your photos submitted is July 24th at 10pm. Submissions received after this date and time will NOT be accepted.

Contest Rules:

A maximum of 4 photos can be submitted.

This contest is open to Yellowhead County residents only.

Photos must be of your own yard.

Make sure you have the rights to the photos you are submitting. If they were taken by a professional photographer for example you may not have the rights to use the photos for this purpose. To be certain it is advised that you submit photos that you yourself have taken.