June 22, 2020

17th Annual County Pride Contest & Tour

In light of the pandemic, Yellowhead County’s Agricultural Services Department is hosting this year’s County Pride Contest virtually. So get out your camera and get snapping pictures of your beautiful yards! The deadline for submissions is July 13.

The public will get a chance to vote online to determine which yards are their favourite! That means this year’s garden and yard submissions will be featured online for all across the county to see. And on that note, we are also opening the contest up to everyone in Yellowhead County! For more details, follow us on Facebook (@YellowheadCounty) and stay tuned to the news section of this site.

At the end of the contest, a collage/video will be made to give you a virtual tour of the beautiful properties in Yellowhead County and highlight our winners.

Submission Rules

    1. Open to Yellowhead County residents only (county-wide).
    2. Deadline for submissions is July 13, 4:30 PM.
    3. Maximum 4 photos can be submitted.
    4. Photos must be of your own yard.

Please submit photos via email to jbenson@yhcounty.ca.

NOTE: In your email, you must also include your full name, phone number, and the legal land description or physical address of your property. Please include a couple of sentences about why you’re proud of your yard/garden, or why you love gardening or living in the county.

Your personal information will only be used for staff to verify your residency and will note be shared with anyone or posted anywhere.

Photo Tips

When taking photos, choose an overview of your entire yard, along with which you like best (flower beds, water features, vegetable gardens, etc.). Do not feature any photos that identify your valuables or any individuals. If you need assistance emailing photos, call 1-800-814-3935 and we will assist you.